Zit-Zot Balls

Just tap or click the screen to get started. Every time you tap or click on the screen the ball changes direction. Be careful though. The moment you fall off the edge that's it! Game over! Navigate the ball along the ever winding trail, running through and collecting diamonds as you do. Every diamond gives you points. The further you go the more points you get as well. Once you fall off the edge the game is over and you will see how many points you made that game. You will also see the all-time high points to beat. Perhaps you'll be the one to beat!
The Long Run

Run for your life! There is no stopping as you run through the maze trying to find the ever-elusive Runner's Treasure! Jump hurdles and chasms to score points. Collect coins to buy better running gears. And most of all, don't get lost! You will need to make quick decisions as you navigate the maze. Don't loose lives or you may end up swimming with the fish!
Frantic Farms

Purchase and feed your farm animals to produce products that fulfill orders and make you money. Complete the levels to advance and build more and harder levels.
Funny Blocks

Connect three or more blocks in a row and get points. Get bonus points when you match 4 or more and even more point when matching 5 or more in a row.