Aldoron: Evolution Begins

You Were Not Meant for This World

Who We Are

Thousands of years ago, not long after time for man had started, a stange virus was introduced into the human race. It slowly killed people in agonizing pain. Fortunately death came to every one of them eventually. But not for long. Within days, sometimes, hours, they would rise again to roam the planet, transforming many more of the living into the walking dead.

Goals of Our Guild

One man, Aldoron, was attacked and nearly killed. He somehow escaped and fought back. There was something unique about him that would not allow him to be taken over by the virus. He servived where others could not.

Turning of the Tide

Having found a safe environment and establishing a zone where the living could come to escape the evil, Aldoron set out on his own to battle the hordes of dead, pushing them back until he destroyed the very last dead. The rest of the living repopulated the planet while Adoron went into seclusion, not to be heard from again.

Our Passion

1000 years has passed since the first death war. Life has returned to normal as man once again relies on his own pride to live in this world. That is until the dead began again to come back to life. Within a cave in the near by mountains, hibernating for a millinia, Aldoron awakes, feeling the call back to the surface of the planet outside. Once again he finds the virus both killing and raising from the dead. He again takes up arms against the evil, but something is different this time. They are harder to kill. But he continues.

Guild Ranking

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